Advantages offered by banks for debt consolidation

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Many banks in Singapore are there to help people in their financial difficulties by offering them their debt consolidation plan. All banks have their different schemes, interest rates, special features and benefits to attract clients. One should always compare all the features for all banks offering debt consolidation plan Singapore and then decide for DCP service.

Maybank is one of the foremost banks to offer debt consolidation plan to all Singaporeans and permanent residents over 21 years of age. We offer debt consolidation plan to individuals with annual income ranging between S$30000 and S$ 120000 per annum. Our loan repayment periods are up to 10 years with interest rate of 4.20% p.a. and EIR 7.64% p.a. We also offer cash rebate for each successful DCP application and also provide a complimentary credit card with 1x credit limit of borrower’s salary for their daily expenses.

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