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Often, beginning traders are faced with the fact that the selection of brokerage companies should be carried out immediately according to several criteria. Let’s say a brokerage company showed a strong side in the market execution of client orders. But the partner program is lame. More precisely, the required functional is missing. Or the affiliate program is on top, but the bonus system is not finalized. In general, each brokerage company has advantages and disadvantages. And you have to choose the average size. And this middle was found in the brokerage company Larson&Holz. As for the partnership program, this is really a strong side of the company. If you take into account the bonus program, there were no shortcomings. Even the non-standard approach of Larson&Holz is noticeable. And it is noticed, first of all in the options of each service. Of course, all clients can not be pleased, but the company has tried to show its best. And at it it turns out. Take at least a partnership program. Many understand the importance of this service, since most novice traders pay special attention to this aspect. But if you compare the partner program Larson&Holz with the programs of other brokers, you feel a professional approach. First, there is a standard function that works by the principle: invite a friend and get a bonus for it. Or, invite customers, and get for it a percentage of each replenishment. Yes, all brokers have this. But here are the functions: become a partner, and we will help you to open a company, this is really a novelty. But this, however, is not a novelty. This option was developed a long time ago. Almost at the time of the opening of the company itself Larson&Holz. But the peak of popularity is in 2017. It seems that people began to understand the importance of financial peace. So, this is not a legend and not a myth. This is reality.

The company Larson&Holz really helps partners to open partner offices and centers. We decided to find out more about this, and contacted the nearest representative center of the company. We were explained that for this you just need to register and leave a request. So we did. We will not open the company, but the essence of the procedure is important. The company allocates a specialist, or consultant, who fills out the partner’s questionnaire. And what is characteristic, for the opening of the company is not required significant financial infusions or fuss about legal issues. Of course, it’s easier to open a business, when prompted, where to apply first, and what can be left for later. The consultant not only explains what’s what, but also accompanies the partner at all stages. Naturally, companies do not open themselves so simply. There are several stages, and each requires an individual approach. But what is important, Larson&Holz invests 50% of the required amount. And this is an invaluable help. And as it turned out, this aid is free of charge, as the partner does not have to give this money. This is the most characteristic moment. It turns out that this money is transferred to the balance of the new company. And the new leadership itself decides how to use the funds. If to count, opening of the company manages about 50 000 dollars. So, half the company, that is, 25,000 dollars, the company gives to the partner as an asset. Well, after the company starts accepting the first customers, it provides a specialist in the field of marketing. This is also important, since marketing is the foundation of any company. Go ahead. The company is open. The office is picked up. But the company needs to be promoted. And in this we will help brand Larson&Holz. It will help in the sense that working under a well-known brand, the new company gets a client base. And besides that, a fairly small advertising company, even a small contextual advertising, which will hint at cooperation with the company Larson&Holz. The result will not take long. In the end, business is built on this. Partners of brand companies are easier to develop their centers, rather than starting everything from scratch, and even more so, at the stage of development. This is an important point in the development of any company and any direction. The next important point, and we mentioned it. Concerning the marketing plan of an open company. The company Larson&Holz is loyal to any kind of partnership. In this we are convinced. The marketing department of the main company is developing new ideas for its partners regarding new financial products. Well, then the partner himself decides to use these ideas in his business, or abstain. It turns out that the company Larson&Holz helps not only in development, but also in further work. A partner does not even need to invent something himself. The aggregator of new ideas in the person of Larson&Holz. I think we should not continue about the benefits of the partnership program.

The next interesting service is the accrual of interest on the deposit. Here comes the idea of ​​a banking system of deposits. In principle, the idea is the same, only there are a few differences. Characteristic differences, among other things. Let’s start with a percentage. It’s no secret that bank customers consider bank interest to be insignificant. And there is. In the long term, this percentage can and will justify the customer’s expectation. But in the medium term these expectations are not justified. But they are justified by the company Larson&Holz. The client of the company opens a deposit, and replenishes. Here an important point. The company Larson&Holz accrues interest on the deposit only if the amount is more than 3 000 dollars. For deposits, the amount of which is less than the declared amount, the interest is not accrued. So, the accrued interest is much higher. And it is equal to 10%, which you will agree, more than in the bank. And the company Larson&Holz makes accruals every month. Again, without any VAT, commissions, and other incomprehensible payments for various services. As a result, the client of the company receives a net interest without deductions. And as for paying interest on the deposit. The bank accrues interest in the national currency. That is, in rubles. Well, the company accrues interest in dollars. Comparing the size of interest, and the currency of payments, we get the following result. Better still get accruals in the company Larson&Holz. The client of the company wins even on the difference between the ruble and dollar rates.

Well, the bonus system. It should be noted that with this approach of the company, do not be surprised by the enormous popularity. One no-deposit Forex is worth it. Soon they will compose legends. The client receives a trading account with a deposit of $ 100. You can start trading. A huge advantage is that the client himself does not risk anything. You can trade in any style. Even using significant volumes. The trader is given three trading days. During these three days, the trader works for the company’s money. Of course, the profit is left to itself. Here after all that is important. With a competent approach, a beginner trader can put together starting capital. Moreover, after three trading days, the trader can again open a no-deposit account, and continue trading. And again with the company’s money. But that’s not all. It turns out that a trader can once again open a no-deposit account. In the end, we get nine trading days. During this period, you can get a solid profit. By the way, some traders do so. They trade on company money. And when the trading period ends, they begin to trade for their money. What is characteristic is that they do not use their money. Here you can identify two advantages. Even if a novice trader can not make a big profit, he still has some experience in trading. Well, if the trader made the initial capital, it means that he trades on the profit. Without using your own funds. In fact, this is an alternative to learning. After all, the trader gets experience on a real trading account. Especially, nine trading days, it’s almost half a month. But even if a trader loses money three times, the company does not demand compensation. If you understand, the advantage is obtained by both sides. The company Larson&Holz receives a new client who has a certain experience in the financial market. The advantage of the client is that he can trade without using his own funds. Well, experience will receive.

Let’s not hide, the company Larson&Holz is really amazing. That’s what makes a high competition in the provision of brokerage services. We hope that the company will continue to surprise us with new products.

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