The documents, you need to invest in SBI mutual fund

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The documents, you need to invest in SBI mutual fund

Are you planning to make the investments in SBI Mutual Funds to make a good profit? At the present time, it is easy for the consumers to buy the mutual fund by using the offline as well as the online process. It is not mandatory to go for the offline process if you have access to the online facility to buy Mutual Funds with SBI. During the process of investments in SBI Mutual Funds, you will need to complete the documentation like any other scheme available in the market. As a consumer, you never want to face any kind of inconvenience to know about all the required documents to invest in SBI mutual fund schemes at Clearfunds.

Here, we understand the requirements of every consumer who is planning to make investments in mutual funds. If you want to prevent any kind of fraudulent scheme or scam, you must have information about the complete documentation to buy the mutual funds in a proper way. You will require the documents given below as a customer to make the investments in mutual funds:

Application form:

As a customer, you will need to fillthe application form to buy a mutual fund. The customers will need a form to open the account for mutual fund and there will be another form required if the customers choose SIP plan within the mutual fund. There will be ECS form if you want the facility of electronic transfer from the bank account.

KYC Compliance:

Your PAN number must be verified under the KYC standards of the Indian Government to invest in mutual funds.

If the customer is already KYC-compliant, he will need to submit the KYC acknowledgement letter/copy of the KYC-compliance page.

If the customer is not KYC-compliant, he will require the following documents:

  • KYC individual form is required
  • Passport-sized photograph in necessary to submit

Proof of identity:

 As a customer, you can use any of the following documents as a proof of Identity

  • You need to attach PAN with photograph
  • Make sure to attach Aadhaar card
  • Submit Passport copy
  • Voter’s ID card photocopy is required
  • Driving licence proof is necessary

Proof of address:

 You have the options to use any of the following documents as proof of address

  • Voter’s ID card required
  • Ration card is necessary
  • Aadhaar card required
  • Attach Driving licence copy
  • Attach Passport copy
  • Flat maintenance bill is required to attach
  • Registered lease/sale agreement of residence – photocopy
  • Insurance photocopy
  • Utility bills including landline telephone bill, electricity bill or gas bill
  • Bank account statement/Passbook
  • Proof of address in the name of the spouse is also acceptable.

Third party declaration for minors:

 For the Minor investors, the parents are allowed to make the Investments and there will be a requirement of third-party declaration form for the process.

For non-individuals

For the non-individuals including any company, trust, partnership firm, etc., the following documents will be required:

  • Certificate of registration/incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Address proof
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account for investment in Mutual Funds Schemes
  • List and signature/s of authorised person/s
  • Deed of declaration of HUF
  • Bank Statement
  • Trust deeds (for Trusts)
  • Power of Attorney (for Trust)
  • Certificate of registration with SEBI (for FIIs)
  • Self-certification on letterhead (for banks, institutional investors, regulatory bodies, army organisations and government bodies

It is the list of all required documents in that you will need to make the investments in SBI Mutual Fund. There may be some other documents according to the terms and conditions of mutual fund service provider. It will be better to contact your mutual fund service provider to get complete information about all required documents so that you can buy a mutual fund scheme without any kind of inconvenience in the easy steps.

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