Two Sets Of Money Rules

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Do you know that we live in a society with two sets of money making rules? One set of money rules allows bankers to make money out of thin air. The other set of money rules keeps most people struggling to make more money.

Struggling To Make More Money

Look at the world around you.

  • Millions of Americans have already lost their homes to foreclosure.
  • More Americans will lose their homes in the future.
  • Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and can’t find new ones. 
  • Millions of Americans have lost their retirement savings or used them up to trying to keep their heads above water.

The struggle to make more money is not just in the United States. People around the world are struggling with not enough money. If you have already debt you can try consolidate it and you can read here discussion about Dave Ramsey on debt consolidation loans.

The Gap Between Rich And Poor Keeps Growing

At the same time, the gap between the rich and poor keeps growing. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 

Why? Is it attitude, work ethic, secret knowledge, the “Law of Attraction” at work? Something else?

All of these factors might play a part in whether you are rich or poor, but the biggest difference is that the people with the most money are playing with different money rules.

The Money Rules For Bankers And Money Rules For The Rest Of Us

If you doubt this, consider the differences between the money rules for bankers and the money rules that everyone else has to follow.

The fundamental difference between money rules for bankers and the rest of us is that bankers can make money out of thin air. They have the legal right to do this. If the rest of us tried it, we would end up in prison. 

You can find out how bankers make money out of thin air in the next post.

My book, No Money Limits For Real Estate Investors uses the Monopoly® Game as a simple way to demonstrate the differences between two sets of money making rules. The book scratches the surface of what it means to live in a world with two sets of money making rules. It begins to demonstrate what you can do to stop the endless money struggles in your life as you discover what it means to make money and build wealth. 

[Note: This is the beginning of a series of posts about two sets of money rules. One set of money rules can make you rich. The other set of money rules can keep you struggling to make more money. The series begins with banks and money rules for bankers.

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