Are Snow Tires Worth the Money

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If you live in an area where it snows, it is never too early to invest in winter or snow tires. Even if you are not like others who spend their Halloween weekend shoveling snow, winter is coming and you must get your vehicle ready so it rides on the right tires for this season.

Why Use Snow Tires

Although a lot of drivers assume that they can drive their all-season tires year round, this is only true when you live in a temperate climate. But, when it snows in your area or the temperature can drop up to 40 degrees F, a set of winter will significantly enhance your safety during winter. Sure, brand new all-season tires can give reasonable traction during the coldest months; however, their performance is not as top-notch as new winter tires.

Winter or snow tires gain their advantage because of their excellent tread pattern designed for traction on snow and ice, as well as their employment of rubber compounds which improve grip. Such rubbers are designed to perform on icy or snowy pavements but also on dry pavements. Since they have a more open tread pattern and softer rubber that can wear rapidly, they are not suitable for warm-weather driving. Similarly, low-profile summer tires don’t perform perfectly in cold temperatures and all-season tires compromise their winter ability to be used in the warm months.

Can the Benefits of Using Snow Outweigh the Cost?

One of the main concerns of many drivers in terms of snow tires is the cost. A set of winter rubber mounted on spare wheels can cost a driver at least %1,000 for vehicles with big wheels. However, if compared to the cost of insurance deductible or the potential of the tires to save lives, it makes great sense to invest in snow tires. When considering the affordability of these tires, vehicle owners must consider the ability of these tires to prolong the life of their primary tires. They may have to pay an extra thousand dollars now but this will stretch them out to many years of service. But, it is important to use a complete set of snow tires to make sure the tires’ performance is uniform.

Remember that manufacturers of snow tires do not produce these year-round and retailers can run out of them. This is the reason you must buy new snow tires in advance.

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